Galactic Word Quest

Solve the mystery of misplaced letters plaguing Alphazoid Prime. Decipher words with missing letters, match words by association, and liberate your new Termarian friends.

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Clever Connections

Spark your imagination, engage your word wits, and delve into thought-provoking word associations.

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Boundless Themes

Explore a mix of far-reaching topics from around the globe, ranging from lighthearted to profound.

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Cosmic Wordplay

Weave through a celestial labyrinth, dodging obstacles, timing shots, and unlocking avatars.

The Legend

A mysterious projectile hurtles through Alphazoid Prime, causing letters to vanish from the galaxy’s words. Power is lost and space is cluttered with glitched words and malfunctioning machines.

Our Termarians find themselves trapped. Cosmically curious Verdicious yearns to stretch her wings. Courageous Hesperoso hasn’t washed his hair for months. We need your help!

Restore the power of words in our galaxy and unlock new avatars, new achievements, and new powerups.

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Captivating Conundrums

Dive into endless topics, from space exploration to breakfast foods, zoo animals to world-changing inventions.

Fling ever-changing solar clues (like "ice cream") into orbiting words with missing letters (like "v**il*a") to decipher and mend the words.

OtherWordly seamlessly adapts to your skill level, guaranteeing a right-fit challenge regardless of your age or English proficiency.


Ride the galactic soundwaves. Stream OtherWordly’s original cosmic soundtrack (1.5 hours of music from the game, plus B-sides) on Spotify, Apple Music, or wherever you get your tunes.

Selected for the 2020 and 2022MAGFest Indie Showcase

Finalist for 2021 "Best Casual Game"; and 2020 "Best Educational or Serious Game" TIGA Awards

Winner for 2021 “Games for Good” at Serious Play

Winner for 2021 "Best Educational Game" CODiE Award

Winner 2019 "Most innovative game", and Finalist for "Best Kids and Family Game" at IndiePrize

Winner for 2021 “North America” region, and Winner for 2021 “Arts & Humanities” at Reimagine Education

Finalist 2022 Indie Showcase at Develop:Brighton

Finalist for 2021 "Best Game" at Serious Games, Showcase & Challenge

Top 30, and $2k recipient for 2021 EdTech Creator Challenge

Third Place at 2020 Big Indie Pitch

Nominee for 2021 People’s Choice; and Finalist for “Social Impact” at MEGAMIGS

Featured at 2021 and 2022 AwesomeCon

Finalist for 2021 "Games for Learning" EdTech Awards


Games for Good

Serious Play


Best Educational Game



Most innovative game

Indie Prize USA


Best Casual Game

TIGA Awards


Arts & Humanities

Reimagine Education


People’s Choice Award



Best Educational
Or Serious Game

TIGA Awards