Oh no! Aliens upended the word galaxy, and kidnapped your trusty sidekicks.
Decipher and match words to deliver your comrades safely back to Earth
Galactic word quest
Rescue your sidekicks. Create escape wormholes by traveling to distant suns and guiding clue words into related orbiting words.
Cosmic ciphers
What's that word? The aliens hid letters from the orbiting words. Outsmart them by deciphering the riddle and matching the clues.
Planetary manuevers
Diligence is rewarded. Evade treacherous alien minefields, harness immunity crytals, and activate sidekick power-ups to complete your mission.
Aim wisely. Let's get matching!
Play on iOS
Avaiable now for iPhone, Ipad, and iPod Touch.
From 2006 to 2009, OtherWordly was an unrelated card game about matching vocab words for college prep.
The game is now available by the name "Verbal Volley." Learn more.